The Queens of Goasleitn Europa Cup – Women’s Slalom in Ahrntal Valley

15 & 16 December 2023

Steep, unpredictable, thrilling. A 581-metre long, adrenaline-filled roller-coaster. The Goasleitn black piste in the Skiworld Ahrntal ski area, in South Tyrol, demands everything. It is the challenge par excellence.

It is also the arena in which the leading European skiers and budding stars of women’s skiing fought for victory in the FIS Europa Cup Women’s Slalom in Ahrntal Valley on 15 and 16 December 2023 . With its serious humps and bumps, the Goasleitn is one of the most challenging pistes in the women’s ski circuit. The winners of the two races got more than just a gold medal. They were also crowned “Queens of Goasleitn”!

Exciting races, a beautiful mountain panorama and – last but not least – the kind hospitality of the Ahrntal people make this event one of the highlights in the alpine ski circus providing skiing enthusiasts with the opportunity to see the best female athletes in action.

So come along and experience the “Queens” up close!


Action, adrenaline and lots of fun. Detailed information on the races and fringe programme.

RESULTS 2022 (DAY 1)

1st Paula Moltzan 🇺🇸
2nd Lisa Hörhager 🇦🇹
3rd Moa Boström 🇸🇪
Results day 1 (16.12.2022)

RESULTS 2022 (DAY 2)

1st Nicole Good 🇨🇭
2nd Moa Boström 🇸🇪
3rd Emelie Henning 🇸🇪
Results day 2 (17.12.2022)


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Hall of Fame

At the top… a portrait of the former Queens of Goasleitn.

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